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Hydrogen in Action

Bridging the hydrogen gap: Advario’s plan for ammonia storage to link production and demand

Tank storage and logistics provider Advario plans to build an ammonia import terminal in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. The Hydrogen Council leadership team visited and toured Advario Gas Terminal (AGT).

Hydrogen Council member Advario, an internationally operating energy storage and logistics provider, aims to bridge international supply and demand. “We believe in the future of hydrogen, as a key part of the clean energy mix, and in ammonia, as one of the better hydrogen carrier solutions,” says Sjoerd Boer, Vice President New Energies at Advario. “We are well placed, with a global portfolio that includes countries with significant (green) hydrogen production potential, such as the United States, Middle East and Australia, and geographies that will have high demand, such as Europe.”

Advario’s two Belgian terminals, Advario Gas Terminal (AGT) and Advario Stolthaven Antwerp (ASA), are in advanced stages of a feasibility study, executed together with their partner Fluxys. The study explores the build of an ammonia import terminal in Antwerp.

And that’s where Hydrogen in Action takes you. Last Friday, Hydrogen Council Directors Steven Libbrect, Daria Nochevnik and Andrei Tchouvelev visited Advario’s AGT terminal. During the visit, we talked about the important role hydrogen carriers as ammonia play in the development of a hydrogen economy, the European need for import- and export facilities for ammonia, and Advario’s ambition to build ammonia storage facilities at one – or perhaps at some point both – of its terminals in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. The visit closed with a site tour of AGT.

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Safety was the main topic of conversation throughout the visit. The import, export and storage of ammonia needs to be handled by an experienced, safe operator. “I enjoyed our discussions and liked what I saw at AGT,” says Andrei Tchouvelev, Director Safety & Regulatory at the Hydrogen Council. “The site does not store ammonia yet, so I focused on getting a feel for the safety culture, overall level of maintenance and the way the team prepares for the potential addition of ammonia storage. The Advario team at AGT is obviously well-prepared, possesses the know-how with regards to technology and engineering capability, and is well-aware of the nature of ammonia. I am impressed.”

Michel Ruttens, Advario’s Vice President of Technology, agrees. Michel: “I am appreciative of Andrei’s kind words, and the interest and engagement of Andrei, Steven [Libbrecht] and Daria [Nochevnik]. Advario knows what it takes to safely and efficiently handle ammonia. At our terminal in Nanjing, China, we have designed, built and operated a large-scale ammonia storage facility, which has been operational since 2017. Pairing that with AGT’s experience safely handling a wide variety of gases and strong track record operating refrigerated storage, we look forward to taking the next step, and contribute to the further development of the hydrogen ecosystem.”

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© Advario

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