Membership categories

Membership is open to all companies which align with membership criteria set out in Hydrogen Council Bylaws (available here, in English only).

Please note that the Hydrogen Council is a CEO-led initiative and aspiring members’ CEO/C-suite level representatives’ commitment is of high importance.

You can find the detailed rules, eligibility criteria, rights, and obligations for each category below.

Steering Membership ​

The Steering Members group is a category of Council membership open to industry. Steering Members participate in Strategic and Coordination Committee meetings and have full membership rights, including the right to vote.

Supporting Membership ​

The Supporting Members group is a category of Council membership open to all relevant companies as per the criteria set by the Council Bylaws. Supporting Members can participate in all project teams and benefit from the visibility of the initiative as well as current partnerships.

Investor Group

The Investor Group is a sub-category of Supporting membership open to banks, investment funds and other financial institutions. Investors have the chance to join a robust group focused on supporting the development of policies, tools and financial schemes centred around large-scale hydrogen deployment. 

Membership FAQ

Please click here for more information on the application process.

The Hydrogen Council currently offers three categories of membership, i.e. Steering Members, Supporting Members, and Investor Groups. For further information please click here.

Membership fees are set by the Internal Rules of Hydrogen Council and differ per membership category. Please contact for more information.

The Hydrogen Council assesses membership applications using a variety of criteria. As a global association it is in our interest to keep a geographical balance among our members and to represent all hydrogen-related economic sectors equally. Applicants’ hydrogen activities and plans are of utmost importance in our assessment in addition to the criteria laid out here.

Please email and we will guide you further. Please note we are currently experiencing a high number of expressions of interest.

We are currently receiving an unprecedented number of membership requests for the Hydrogen Council. We assess all membership requests very carefully, which means that a typical process may take several weeks. Please rest assured that every submitted application is reviewed carefully, and the Council is committed to communicating with all applicants as soon as reasonably possible.

Members who are interested in changing their membership level can apply to do so. This request requires the same assessment and the same approval process as any new application.

How to join

Step by step

As a first step, we would like to learn more about your company and its work in the hydrogen space.

Please download and complete the form available here and send it to We will be able to better assess whether membership is feasible for you and, should we move forward, make a recommendation for which membership level is appropriate (Steering, Supporting, or Investor Group).

For the ‘hydrogen-related activities’ column, please add a short description of your current hydrogen activity and/or forward-looking strategy, with relevant links to publicly available information.