Hydrogen Insights Subscription

Hydrogen Insights offers a comprehensive perspective on market deployment, investment momentum and cost competitiveness within the hydrogen industry.

As an extension to the annual report, the Hydrogen Council is offering Hydrogen Insights as a paid annual subscription service, providing more granular insights and data about the hydrogen ecosystem and its development.

Subscribers receive access to an annual extended report with more than 100 slides of data and analysis that underpins the report. In addition, subscribers will receive semi-annual updates of the investment tracker.

Hydrogen Insights paid subscription includes:

  • Deep dives on market deployment for 4 regions (Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas and Northern Africa and Middle East) including mapping and categorisation of all hydrogen projects
  • More granular assessment of investment and announced government support including maturity assessment, split by hydrogen value chain, detailed methodology for investment assessment and insights into government targets and regulatory instruments
  • Detailed production cost breakdown including CAPEX (stack, BOP and other system costs), learning rates, comparison of different technologies and key assumptions used for modelling
  • Comprehensive perspective on hydrogen distribution and supply chains including potential positioning of regions in hydrogen ecosystem, detailed perspective on hydrogen transportation modes (shipping vs. pipelines) and hydrogen carriers, key assumptions used for modelling
  • Additional TCO analysis for end applications including road transport, industrial feedstock (ammonia, steel), shipping and aviation and key assumptions used for modelling

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber or would like additional information, please contact the Secretariat – secretariat@hydrogencouncil.com.

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