We spend 60 seconds with Dr. Uwe Gackstatter, President of the Bosch Powertrain Solutions division


How will vehicles be powered in future? Which role will hydrogen play here?

Mobility is essential for progress. Hydrogen is one of the ways we can increase the sustainability of mobility in the future. We are convinced that hydrogen and fuel cells will play an important element in the future powertrain mix. Hydrogen can help to preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

As an energy source for fuel cells, hydrogen is especially well suited to heavier vehicles or when long range is required. In terms of cost-effectiveness and CO2 emissions, fuel cells are the perfect solution for commercial vehicles. But the technology also offers interesting benefits for stationary applications. Fuel cells can provide electrical energy at high power levels in a decentralized, highly efficient way with virtually no emissions. They are therefore perfect to power charging stations for electric vehicles, for example. This improves the reliability of the energy supply and makes the entire power grid more flexible.


What is Bosch doing to shape the future of hydrogen and fuel cells – where is the focus?

We develop a range of different components for our customers, such as hydrogen injection systems, control units for fuel cell systems, and sensors. Together with our partners, we also work on complete fuel cell solutions for mobile and stationary use. We are confident that the next generation of fuel cells will be much more competitive. We can achieve this through functional improvements or by reducing the use of expensive platinum, for example.


Why did Bosch join the Hydrogen Council?

Hydrogen technology opens up many opportunities, but also faces several challenges. The Hydrogen Council brings all the relevant stakeholders together to discuss the current obstacles and develop ways to overcome them. With the Council’s help, we are in a better position to achieve a breakthrough in hydrogen technology. Our membership stands for contribution and commitment.


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