This report, commissioned by the Hydrogen Council and announced in conjunction with the launch of the initiative at the World Economic Forum in January 2017, details the future potential that hydrogen is ready to provide, and sets out the vision of the Council and the key actions it considers fundamental for policy makers to implement, to fully unlock and empower the contribution of hydrogen to the energy transition.

In this paper we explore the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, including its potential, recent achievements, and challenges to its deployment. We also offer recommendations to ensure that the proper conditions are developed to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen technologies, with the support of policymakers, the private sector, and society.

The energy transition needs to overcome five major challenges:


  1. Using more variable renewable energy in the power sector will unbalance supply and demand
  2. To ensure security of supply, global and local energy infrastructure will require major transformation
  3. Buffering of the energy system through fossil fuels will no longer be sufficient to ensure smooth functioning of the system
  4. Some energy end uses are hard to electrify via the grid or with batteries, especially in transport but also in other sectors
  5. Renewable energy sources cannot replace all fossil feedstocks in the (petro-)chemicals industry

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