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Hydrogen in Action

Video – Progress in Action

As the global interest and demand in hydrogen progresses, the Hydrogen Council has developed alongside it. Comprised initially of 13 leaders from the energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors, in six years, the Council now includes close to 150 multinational companies representing the entire hydrogen value chain.

In celebration of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, learn about the growth of the Council and the excitement we hold for the future of hydrogen and its role in the energy transition. With thanks to our Co-Chairs Yoshinori Kanehana, Chairman Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Sanjiv Lamba, CEO Linde; our founding Co-Chair Benoît Potier, Chairman of the Board of Directors Air Liquide; and founding Co-Secretary Pierre-Etienne Franc, CEO Hy24, for their participation in this video.

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