Columbia Energy Exchange: Unlocking Hydrogen’s Potential

Columbia Energy Exchange: Unlocking Hydrogen’s Potential

January 12, 2023

Clean electrons are vital to the net-zero economy. What about molecules?

There is a global race to expand hydrogen production for industry and heavy transportation – using wind, solar and biomass as a feedstock. 

North American countries are taking hydrogen innovation seriously, passing policy to spur innovation. The United States’ Inflation Reduction Act and Canada’s Fall Economic Statement both offer production tax credits for clean hydrogen. 

China is the global leader in production. But the country primarily uses coal as a feedstock. To make it clean, they’ll need to invest heavily in renewables and carbon capture technology.

With so much attention now on the industry, will it finally live up to the hype? How have recent developments in geopolitics and policy changed the outlook for the hydrogen industry? And what sectors will it help decarbonize? 

Our Executive Director Daryl Wilson talks with Bill Loveless, host on the Columbia Energy Exchange and Director of Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy’s Energy Journalism Initiative.

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