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Hydrogen can awaken the biggest economic opportunity of our lifetime.

The time to invest is now.

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Investing in the
Hydrogen Economy

The time is right. The time is now.

By 2030, the global hydrogen market is expected to reach up to USD 700 billion direct plus indirect investment. The potential is massive. By 2050 the required investment level in hydrogen to reach a net zero target is USD 3 trillion.

How Big is
the Opportunity?

The hydrogen project portfolio circles the globe. It currently includes more than 700 projects.

Public sector funding commitments now exceed USD 100 billion. More than 30 countries have national hydrogen strategies, and the policy support environment is extensive and sophisticated.

There is no solution to climate change without hydrogen. More than 20% of final energy use will be linked to hydrogen by 2050, resulting in more than 7 GT of CO2 abatement.

Hydrogen is Happening Now

Public-private initiatives, joint ventures, supporting policies and risk-sharing instruments are creating an ideal environment for a mass market.

Hydrogen technology is recognized as one of the top five fields capable of attracting more than USD 100 billion in infrastructure capital. This is the threshold of activation for emergent technologies.

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