On 8 June, Alstom and the (NOW) organised a Hydrogen Day in presence of the State Secretary of the German Transport Minister, M. Ferlemann. The event took place in Salzgitter (Lower Saxony), where several companies including Alstom, MeyerWerft and Salzgitter AG are involved in the development of new hydrogen-related technologies. The Hydrogen Day gathered over 200 high-level guests from different companies, German ministries and party members as well as partners. The plenary session, with  the participation of the Transport Minister of Lower Saxony, Olaf Lies and high-level managers of Airbus, MeyerWerft, Salzgitter AG and Alstom, focused discussions on how to increase the popularity of hydrogen and the need for a clear political framework to further develop the technology. The programme also included a ride on Alstom’s Coradia iLint, the first hydrogen-fuelled passenger train as well as the presentation of the electrolyzes from Salzgitter AG.

“The great interest generated by this first edition of the Hydrogen Day and the numerous projects presented show that hydrogen has been established as an ideal medium in the industry. As a pioneer in hydrogen technology for the railway sector,  Alstom is very happy that its passenger train Coradia iLint will be on the rail in Lower Saxony already in 2018 and therefore make hydrogen-technology perceptible for many passengers” says Jens Sprotte, Alstom’s Customer Director Urban & Systems in Germany